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High containment nutsche filters

Volume: 30l
Pressure: -1.0 (FV) to +0.5 bar
Temperature: -60°C to 150°C
Material: Borosilicate glass 3.3 / PTFE / PFA / ECTFE / EPDM / tantalum
Certifications: CE / PED / ATEX / FDA
Protected charge / discharge
Fully corrosion resistant

Büchi high containment nutsche filters allow for controlled filtration with a contained discharge by wiping out with the fixed glove (made of EPDM) into a bag system. The filter vessel can easily be lifted, lowered and tilted due to its versatile and solid stand.

Typical applications include high containment filtration, batch / in-process filtration, heating / drying, solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS), crystallization, chromatography, ion exchange as well as cannabis extraction (solvent extraction), cannabinoid extraction, cannabis extract purification and cannabis winterization (cannabis extract winterization).

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