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Metal-free (inert) pressure reactors

Reactor volume: 100ml to 20 liters
Pressure vessel: -1 (FV) to +6 / 60 bar
Temperature: -20 °C to +180 / 250 °C
Material: Glass (6 bar only), glass-lined steel, ceramic, PFA, PEEK, PTFE, Tantalum (60 bar only)
Available reactor models: miniclave inert, polyclave inert, ecoclave inert, kiloclave inert, versoclave inert

These metal-free multipurpose pressure reactor systems (autoclave reactors) ensure highest resistance against aggressive chemicals, while avoiding contamination or side reactions with metals. The modular system setup allows changing or upgrading for new applications and reactions at any time.

Common applications:
Hydrogenation, polymerization, catalyst testing/evaluation, crystallization, corrosion testing/measurement, chemical and petrochemical research, biomass research, biopolymer research, biorefinery and biofuels research, API synthesis.

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