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Riera Nadeu (RINA) offers different series of batch process centrifuges and continuous process centrifuges as well as supercentrifuges.
The RINA batch centrifuges portfolio comprises of series of vertical and horizontal centrifuges (RINA Serie 200, RINA Serie 300 and RINA Serie 700), which are particularly suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. Each process step - feeding, centrifuging, washing, final dewatering, discharge - is fully configurable. Riera Nadeu’s continuous process centrifuges (RINA Serie 500) are not only suitable for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry but also in the waste recovery industry. The SRP supercentrifuges are used for the solids recovery or the removal of suspended impurities from liquids as well as for the separation of non-miscible liquids of different densities.
All Riera Nadeu batch and continuous process centrifuges as well as the SRP supercentrifuges can also work in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

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