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Pilot & Production-Scale Glass Reactors

We offer a complete portfolio of high performance glass reactors and reactor systems made by Buchi (büchiglasuster) for lab use, pilot plants / kilo lab applications, API synthesis and small-scale production. The miniPilot and midiPilot glass reactors are sturdy, multi-purpose reactors for small to mid-scale reaction volumes in applications, including process development, scale-up and gram-scale production. chemReactor BR/GR glass reactor systems and chemReactor CR glass/glass-lined steel reactor systems are multi-purpose reactors with main applications in API synthesis, kilo lab and small-scale production. For solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) applications, we offer highly engineered filter reactors from lab through pilot to production scale. For neutralization / cleaning of (corrosive) exhaust gas from reactor systems, we offer various models of gas scrubbers.
Our pilot and production-scale reactor systems are in full compliance with all regulatory requirements, specifically optimized for cGMP production and customized according to your specific process requirements.