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Planetary Centrifugal Mixers

Planetary centrifugal mixers produced by THINKY are designed to mix, emulsify and deaerate various high-viscous materials, including adhesives, silicon and epoxy resins, sealing materials, ointments and solder pastes.  
The THINKY non-vacuum type planetary centrifugal mixers simultaneously mix, disperse and deaerate various materials from low to high viscosities (models offered: ARM-310, ARE 250 CE, ARE-500). The vacuum-type planetary centrifugal mixers have a built-in vacuum pump that allows mixing and dispersing under vacuum for submicron-level air bubble elimination (models offered: ARV-310P, ARV-501). The production-scale planetary centrifugal mixers (vacuum) with larger batch capacities are ideal for mixing and deaerating large amounts for manufacturing (models offered: ARV-931 TWIN, ARV-5000, ARV-10kTWIN). An economic planetary centrifugal mixer designed especially for the mixing of solder paste is also available (SR-500) as well as the vacuum syringe chargers (ARC-40H, ARC-600 TWIN) for easy, quick and bubble-free charging of materials after having been mixed, defoamed and dispersed in a THINKY planetary centrifugal mixer. 

Thinky Corp.

High-speed planetary mixers allow products to be mixed and deaerated at the same time. The circulating motion provides favorable acceleration and deaeration. The unique design of the THINKY planetary centrifugal mixers allows you to work with high viscosity materials such as adhesives, silicone and epoxy resins, sealing materials, ointments, soldering pastes and many others. THINKY mixers are successfully used for sample deaeration and emulsification. Short mixing time, ease of use, high repeatability and non-mechanical stirrers eliminate the need to clean the stirrer, which is a significant advantage of THINKY mixers.