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Pressure Reactors

Pressure reactors (stirred autoclaves) are used for various chemical reactions and other applications under pressure, such as hydrogenation, polymerization, catalyst screening and corrosion testing. Our portfolio comprises of pressure reactor systems (autoclave reactors) designed for intensive daily use in laboratories (small-scale pressure reactors and parallel pressure reactors), pilot plants (mid-scale pressure reactors) and production facilities (large-scale pressure reactors). For demanding reaction requirements, such as high pressures and high temperatures as well as highly corrosive process media, we offer high pressure reactors and metal-free (inert) pressure reactors. For hydrogenation, the combination of a pressure reactor and the gas dosing system bpc2 creates an optimal solution for safe, accurate and reproducible reactions. Our vast range of accessories and auxiliary equipment, including pressure filters, catalyst baskets, sampling systems and exchangeable stirrer drives, helps you to adapt your reactor systems to continuously changing process requirements and operational procedures.