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Filter dryers


Filtering surface: 0.07m² to 15m²
Operation capacity: 19l to 15’000l
Operation Temperatures: up to 200º C
Pressure: -1 (FV) to 10 bar
Material: Hastelloy, stainless steel

Within the filtering / drying applications, there are products that are preferably treated in a hermetic way.

Bachiller’s filter dryers are designed for drying under vacuum and ultra-vacuum. They guarantee obtaining pure substances which are free from polluting elements, allowing for hermetic production, while eliminating the risk of contamination. They are designed in accordance with the GMP and EHEDG standards.

Filter dryers can be used in different types of pharmaceutical, fine chemical, chemical and food applications, among others for the production of APIs, peptides, flavors and natural extracts, catalysts, additives and polymers.

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