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At-line NIR instrument - ProxiMate


Ingress protection: IP69
Sample presentation / optic setup: up and down
Wavelength: NIR + VIS
Sampling technique: Diffuse reflection / transflection
Spectral range: 400/900 to 1700 nm

The ProxiMate is a robust (IP69 protection), compact and easy to use at-line NIR instrument, designed to work effectively under most extreme conditions next to the production line. This NIR instrument can be pressure-hosed down to meet the highest hygiene standards, reduces downtime in production and provides fast quality control of batch samples.

The ProxiMate can be operated anywhere thanks to a simple interface and ready-to-use pre-calibration packages for the food and feed industry (e.g. analysis of cheese, milk powder, minced meat) that ensure speed and quality. 


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